Friday, April 17, 2015

Hotel Association Personnel Clean Beaches

by Maureen Dietrich
17 Apr 15

Employees of 15 hotels of the Asociación de Hoteles y Empresas Turísticas de Mazatlán hit the beaches yesterday between El Cid and Los Flores hotels to pick up garbage and debris left behind by tourists and locals during the recent holidays.

Under the campaign “Playas Limpias” 70 employees and guests at various hotels combed the sand and empty lots carrying large, black garbage bags.

Salvador Sánchez, General Manager of the El Cid Hotel, said the beaches were not as dirty as they expected but what they did find were some 10,000 cigarette butts. Ever since Coprefis banned smoking (in restaurants and enclosed areas) everyone, he stated, goes to the beach from the hotels to smoke, leaving the beaches looking dirty.

(from Noroeste)

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