Friday, March 27, 2015

Work on Saltwater Swimming Pool Advances

by Maureen Dietrich
27 Mar 15
Architect's rendition of the renovated Carpa Olivera.
Architect’s rendition of the renovated Carpa Olivera.

Although it will not be ready for Semana Santa holidays, work on the Carpa Olivera saltwater swimming pool in Olas Altas has advanced approximately 60 percent, says the municipality.

The goal of the revitalization project is to rescue the pool which due to neglect fell into disrepair and became dangerous for swimmers.

The saltwater pool was popular especially during summer months.
The saltwater pool was popular especially during summer months.

Personnel from the municipal public works department are presently working on the construction of a water slide, water discharge pipes, a cistern to hold water for an interactive fountain, an access ramp and public bathrooms.

Structural elements are now finished, the municipal press release stated, and work will begin shortly on the flooring.

Work has been interrupted or slowed occasionally due to high seas washing over the retaining walls, but it is expected the tides will soon recede and work can continue without delay.

Yet to done is the installation of benches, painting of walls, installation of electrical wiring, lamps, “intelligent” fountains and construction of a storage shed.

The municipality has invested 4,645,918 pesos in remodeling the once popular swimming pool. Work on the project is expected to be completed in the first two weeks of May.

 (from municipal press release)

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