Monday, March 30, 2015

Charges for Music a “Misunderstanding” says Municipality

by Maureen Dietrich
28 Mar 15

Following the petition of independent musicians playing in an established locale to drop a recent requirement that they pay 500 pesos annually for a permit, Official Mayor Salvador Reynosa Garzón said yesterday it is official and those musicians do not have to pay.

He stated there is also a “confusion” surrounding the payment by businesses offering live music. Whereas originally it was stated to be 16,000 pesos annually, it is actually a maximum of 100 minimum salaries, or 6,760 pesos.

The rumoured amount of 16,000 pesos could have been confused with the amount payable for renewing liquor licenses which are currently due, he said.

The only musicians paying 500 pesos annually are those who work on public streets, he pointed out.

(from Noroeste)

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