Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mazatlán Loses Almost Half of its Palapas

Enriqueta Manjarrez Salazar, president of the Palapa Owners Union of Mazatlán, told reporters that the high waves from hurricane Norbert devastated the palapas located on the beaches of the city.
Damage was seen from Avenida del Mar all the way north to Cerritos. Of the 18 palapas located on these beaches only 10 survived, he said.  Enriqueta Manjarrez added that eight palapas totally disappeared, as the high waves torn them down and drugged them out to sea.
The head of the union said the owners would be asking the city for permission to set up tents so they can sell coconuts, soft drinks, and whatever they can to meet the needs of their customers and provide some income for them
He added, “We are also asking the support of the City Council in that they not charge us building permits because they are very cumbersome and expensive.”
(from Noroeste)

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