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Tips for Disabled Travelers Visiting Mexico

Persons wih disabilities obviously have the right and the freedom to travel and move around the world, despite of their physical incapacities. After all, travel restrictions have no room for anyone who wishes to know about the cultures and social conventions of other parts of the world.

Traveling through Mexico if you are disabled

If you are disabled or have low mobility, Mexico will be quite a challenging place to get around in.
However, if you really want to visit Mexico, don’t let its under-development in this area put you off!
By planning your trip carefully, and staying at higher-end hotels (which are more modern, recently built and thus the architecture caters for wheelchair access), you will find that you will be able to visit Mexico and not spend your whole time maneuvering around what may seem a field of obstacles.
Some of the most important archaeological sites (such as Chichen Itza), have wheel chair access and disabled people can easily tour the place.

To make everything much more convenient for these special persons; they, along with their travel companions have to plan ahead of their scheduled trip (Photo.
To make everything much more convenient for these special persons; they, along with their travel companions have to plan ahead of their scheduled trip (Photo.

Planning Tips for Disabled Travelers

Choose a nice ocean resort, and fly there – either directly or with a connecting flight in the USA. Once you get there, use taxis or Rent a Car to get around. (Several Car Rental Companies, such as Alamo Rent a Car provide a range of Adaptive Driving Devices for customers with disabilities).
Major Car Rentals such as Alamo, will use good faith efforts to satisfy requests for vehicles with hand controls, left foot accelerators, spinner knobs, or pedal extenders, as soon as reasonably practical, they may require up to two to three business days notice for vehicles equipped with Adaptive Driving Devices depending on the location of the branch where such a vehicle is requested.

However, at certain major airport locations, vehicles equipped with Adaptive Driving Devices may be available with as little as 24 hours advance notice.

Rent a car locally so that you and your party can visit the places you want to see with the flexibility and freedom an independent car provides. Fact is, public transportation is inadequate for the disabled in Mexico.

Through Mexico Accessible Travel Agency you can rent scooters, wheelchairs and other devices (Photo: Mexico Accessible)

A Travel Agency might be able to help you plan your trip

Nowadays, most people research, plan, book and make their reservations online; but there are major Travel Agencies in the U.S that work to meet the special needs of disabled and mature travelers. They research clients’ vacation choices and plan each person’s trip on an individual basis to make their trip enjoyable and rewarding by trying to eliminate unpleasant “surprises.”

Some Travel Agencies in Mexico, such as Mexico Accessible, feature traveling services specially created to attend the needs of people with disabilities, adulthood or any other factor that requires medical / personal attention.

Disabled and mature travelers are always welcome in Mexico (Photo: Mexico Accesible)

Make arrangements in advanced

Make the proper arrangements in advanced, if you’re planning to visit certain places that interest you, call one of these travel specialists ahead of time, and ask what resorts or hotels have facilities to cater for disabled people. They may be able to make special arrangements for you if necessary.

Inquire about accessibility

Before persons with disabilities leave for their scheduled departure, it is of a primary requisite and importance to inquire about their accessibility. This includes people who ambulate themselves, through crutches, wheelchairs, walkers and canes. Be sure that the places that they are planning to visit will provide them with the best kinds of accessibilities that they badly need. Among the travel premises that must have special lanes for the disabled are as follows:

a. Parking lots
b. Hallways
c. Bathrooms
d. Doorways

Always ask for Assistance

Ask for Assistance if you find yourself in a place that seems inaccessible, the people that work at tourist and recreational centers in Mexico are always happy to help their customers; (for example, it may appear that there is no elevator) – don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Sometimes, there will be a cargo elevator hidden away in a corner, or the staff may come up with an impromptu and perhaps quite ingenious way to help you get to where you want to go!

Travels are the nicest experiences that everybody must be allowed to explore and cherish for a lifetime. Therefore, persons are entitled to enjoy their vacation as much as anybody else.


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