Sunday, May 3, 2015

Natural gas engines to power new plant

Wartsila's engines, the largest in the world. wartsila
A Finnish company has received final approval to build a 139-megawatt power plant in Nuevo León to supply power to Guatemala.

Wartsila Corporation will begin work immediately on the natural gas-powered plant, which will employ seven of the company’s 18-cylinder 50SG engines, the largest gas engine in the world.
Wartsila will supply 950 gigawatts of electricity a year to two utilities, Eléctrica de Guatemala and Energuate, exporting the power through Mexico. The plant is expected to begin operating next April, and will run at full output 24 hours a day to produce the required electricity.
The internal combustion engines were chosen for their reliability and fuel efficiency, regardless of extreme temperatures.

The project, to be built in Pesquería, near Monterrey, will double Wartsila’s capacity in Mexico to 280 megawatts.

“Mexico is a very interesting market for us,” said Raul Carral, Wärtsilä’s business development manager. “Flexible engine power plants can help optimize the power system by providing efficient peaking power and fast-reacting back-up for wind and solar energy. This can lead to significant savings.”

Wartsila was contracted by Energía del Caribe, which will be the plant’s owner and operator. Financial details were not revealed.

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