Friday, May 1, 2015

066 will be the sole emergency number

Operators are not always standing by. quadratín
The Chamber of Deputies has approved legislation that will make 066 the official, nation-wide emergency number for civil protection, emergency response and denunciations. But there is some work to be done if the service is to function better than it has.
Deputies approved the amendment to the National Public Safety System Law with 362 votes in favor and four abstentions, giving the National Center for Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation the responsibility to promote the service among federal, state and municipal governments.
A single number to call for all emergencies was one of 10 measures presented last November by President Peña Nieto in response to the Iguala tragedy. At the time it had been intended to adopt 911, the number used in the United States and Canada. The reason for staying with 066 has not been reported, but perhaps it’s because the number is already well known.
However, it’s not always well operated. Two thieves who robbed a recycling business last Saturday in Torreón, Coahuila, should be thankful to 066 operators. Their victim called the number and waited 40 minutes for an answer.

After the thieves took 10 envelopes containing close to 200,000 pesos (US $13,000), they quickly hopped into a getaway car. But they needn’t have worried: they had time to spare given the 066 delay.

In Tampico, a woman named Esther stepped outside her home to make a phone call one evening when an unknown assailant grabbed her, punched her in the stomach and threatened rape.

Upon hearing her cries, two neighbors pursued the assailant, who took off on foot, while one called 066. The operator calmly asked a series of questions for five minutes. An hour later, state police showed up.

When asked why they took so long, police said the emergency responder had only just passed along the call, and recommended calling the police station instead. “You called 066? They always call us too late. What you need to do is call us directly, at the moment that you need us. We will come instantly and leave the questions for after.”

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