Monday, April 13, 2015

Rescue of Casa del Marino in Limbo

The board of trustees of Pro Rescate de la Casa del Marino de Mazatlán has sent a letter to the President of Mexico complaining that the Secretary of Communications and Transport SCT) has not taken seriously nor answered its offer to begin restauration of the INAH protected building sent six months ago.
President of the board of trustees, Felipe de Jesús Hernández Ascencio, said they sent the SCT a project outline for the engineering, architecture and an economic viability study and have not heard a word in six months.
The members of Pro Rescate have for years pushed for the reconstruction and remodeling of the Casa del Marino which would include a museum, restaurant, souvenir sales and cafeteria.
Hernández Ascencio criticized the municipality for not assisting in the project and planning to demolish the building and replace it with a plaza for vendors. That, he said, they will not permit.
(from Noroeste)

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