Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Multi-Story Car Park Planned for El Centro

 by Maureen Dietrich
21 Apr 15

Mazatlán Mayor Carlos Felton announced yesterday that last weekend he met with the Lizárraga family, owners of land that is presently being used as a parking lot between Carnaval and Ángel Flores streets in El Centro.

He has suggested the parking lot be built up three or four stories, or what is permitted by INAH, to accommodate 250 vehicles to help alleviate chronic parking problems in the El Centro district.
The family has shown interest in the idea and met with the investment committee of the municipality yesterday, the Mayor said.

In tandem with a multi-story parking lot, Felton said they are considering a project to close off streets for pedestrian walkways to give the Centro Histórico a new face as has been done in the city of Durango.

A study has begun to ascertain which streets can be closed without affecting vehicle traffic. The Mayor added that in Durango pedestrian walkways resulted in a 30 to 35 percent increase in sales.
He also told media his administration is working on a project to build a Museum of Music on land beside the Angela Peralta Theater recently donated by the Lizárraga family.

(from Noroeste)

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