Monday, April 13, 2015

Ladies Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Awareness

by Carole Griffin
13 Apr 15

2015 Rally Participants
A local organization within the Cerritos area and El Cid are announcing exceeding first quarter budget and anticipate continuing results of sponsoring and promoting an enhanced approach of Breast Cancer Awareness, Education, and Treatment throughout the year. With the very committed efforts of the “Nifty Niners Organization” there was a very successful golf tournament in February. A steering committee comprised of Carol Griffin, Leslie Jimenez, and Brenda Johnson have been very busy in seeking out the areas that previously need additional support to ensure that treatment is available for those in need.
They have united with the Hospital General in Juárez Colonia to make sure that no one who is aware and treated for breast cancer is left behind. Dr. Arturo Ramos and his wife, Dra. Concepción (both radiologists), have supplied valuable information to be able to put together a program that will assist the underprivileged who are patients of the Hospital General.

It has now become possible for these women of all ages to gain mammograms, ultrasound when needed, and needle biopsies when positive areas need to be diagnosed properly to qualify them for treatment in Culiacán. They will be supporting an existing support group at Hospital General that is growing now that the women know there is someone who can help them.

The group of ladies is also dedicated to helping the support group DESIFIO to introduce new information about the program in the outlying colonias. Current planning is in the area of developing more information to inform the women that there are those who really care and want to help them for healing and health to live longer with their families.

Qtr 1 was a learning curve starting to expose those areas of need and one of the most remarkable aspects is there has been budgeted numbers of biopsy procedures. Of the positive biopsy patients, three were under the age of 45 who had ultrasound treatment. This had been a missing link when common belief that mammography was only suitable for those over 55. Now we encourage all ages to be tested by either mammography or ultrasound. Qtr 1 results exceeded profit budget and we are confident of meeting or exceeding the annual budget for 2015.

The hats are off to the women from Cerritos and all the “Nifty Niner Organization,” as well as to all the local business and private donors who made it possible for the funding. Thank you to all!!! The Rally for a Cure tournament will return next February and hopefully exceed this year’s performance.
Any information needed by anyone seeking assistance, please contact the leader of DESIFIO, Sra. Gloria Velia Castro at Hospital General.

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