Monday, April 6, 2015

Conservation Association Holds Fundraising Dinner

by Maureen Dietrich
2 Apr 15

Local conservation civil association Conselvas, Costas y Communidades, is holding a fundraising dinner to promote the naming of Monte Mojino as a Protected Nature Reserve.

Monte Mojino, the most extensive natural reserve in Sinaloa, is located in the heart of the Sierra Madre Occidental where a program to protect the habitat of jaguars, the green guacamaya and the lechuguilla plant (an agave species) is being launched.

The dinner will be held on April 14 at 8pm at the El Presidio Restaurant in the Centro Historio. A tax deductible donation of 1,000 pesos per person will entitle you to a diversity of dishes prepared by well know local chefs Julián Portugal (El Parador Español), Luis Osuna and Ignacio Osuna (Panamá restaurants), Héctor Peniche (Hector´s Bistro), Marino Miranda (Pueblo Bonito) and Diego Becerra (owner of El Presidio Restaurant).

(from Noroeste)

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