Thursday, April 30, 2015

Carlos Slim Attends Road Inauguration

by Maureen Dietrich
30 Apr 15
Carlos Slim went almost unnoticed on the VIP platform.
Carlos Slim went almost unnoticed on the VIP platform.

Not everyone knew he would attend the inauguration yesterday of Mazatlán’s Libramiento bypass road along with the President of Mexico, Governor of Sinaloa and Mayor Carlos Felton.

In fact, he went almost unnoticed on the VIP platform until Governor Mario López Valdez mentioned in his speech that he was proud to be in the company of men such as Carlos Slim.

And suddenly all eyes were on the wealthiest man in Mexico, second richest in the world, dressed in an open neck shirt sitting between the President and Mazatlán Mayor.

Media reported that he did not speak to anyone and kept a low profile.

Slim attended the inauguration most probably because his company Grupo Carso has the concession for the bypass toll road.

Grupo Carso also holds the concession for the Mazatlán-Durango autopista toll road.
Mayor Carlos Felton announced recently a proposal on the part of Acuario Inbursa to acquire Mazatlán´s aquarium. Acuario Inbursa is also owned by Carlos Slim.

(from Noroeste)

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