Friday, September 26, 2014

Refugees from Odile Begin School in Mazatlán

With many of the schools in Baja California Sur destroyed by the ravages of Hurricane Odile, families have begun to look elsewhere to continue the education of their children, including Mazatlán.
Without specifying the number of BCS students looking for a place in Mazatlán´s schools, the Sinaloa Secretary of Education said they are looking for schools where there are spaces for the children. However, he said, there is a problem.
The children and families are arriving without any scholastic documentation as many lost everything in floods. His department is communicating with education authorities in BCS for copies of student certificates, without which they cannot attend school.
In the meantime, said the Secretary, they are working to place the students so they can begin classes as soon as possible.
 (from Noroeste)

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